Greenleaf Management, LLC
Ambassador Program 
Community Garden Ambassador
Lynn Day

Our mission is to grow and provide food for our residents at Foxwood Apartments.  Greenleaf Employee Volunteers constructed and filled ten 16' X 4' raised garden beds. We will be assembling the irrigation system shortly and then we will plant seeds and transplants with the help of our volunteers and residents of the Foxwood Community.
Bank Fishing Ambassador 
Zach Friedensohn

Zach began fishing at the age of 10 with his grandfather who taught him how to fish from the shore. Zach started this program to share his passion with Greenleaf residents. Other than showing these children an amazing new sport, Zach’s primary goal is to show them that anything is possible as long as they put their mind to it. 
Greenleaf's Mission of Community Impact
Greenleaf strives to provide quality, affordable housing and create a sense of empowerment in our communities that will positively impact those within and around the areas we serve. Throughout the year, we hold resident activities and events to keep residents connected and involved in the communities where they live. 

In the summer 
months, we hold our "Summer Cool Down" where residents are able to forget about the Georgia heat and come out to play water games and enjoy ice cream from a local ice cream vendor. For back-to-school, Greenleaf comes together to pack over eight hundred school bags with the required school supplies for children in our communities. We then hold back-to-school events at each property where we hand them out. 

Greenleaf also participates in area-wide community events and works with non-profit organizations that speak to our mission. We partner with The Shepard Center each year and participate as a sponsor in its annual 911 5K race. Camp Impact is another non-profit we partner with to provide free summer camp each year to homeless and underprivileged children in Dallas, TX. 

It is through partnerships like these that we are able to continue to give back.