Greenleaf Management, LLC
Who Is Greenleaf? 
Greenleaf was founded by Dave Codrea and Josh Friedensohn in 2008, just in time for some real excitement in the US real estate market. Since 2008 we have executed through the foreclosure crisis, dealt with recapitalization projects, managed renovations and experienced the gradual return of the multi-family housing market. Our business is based on the core values of transparency and trust. We operate all our properties from an owner's perspective enabling Greenleaf to provide consistent returns for our investment owners.
Our management portfolio consists of affordable housing, in-townlofts, and condo complexes across the following core markets: Atlanta, GA, Gainesville, GA, Charlotte, NC & Spartanburg, SC.
Greenleaf's Core Values
We know what home feels like. Home is where you share memories, build relationships, go for comfort, cry, laugh, share food, love, celebrate, grow and learn. Home is one's sense of belonging, a sense of community. We also know what it feels like to not be at home, to be in a place that may have 4 walls, a roof and a door but it is missing something.  That something is a sense of home.
We provide the opportunity to be home. A place where the Greenleaf team encourages, enables and welcomes all to feel confident in their home. We enable communities to flourish, achieve dreams, and share the best that life has to offer, the moments that happen at home. Building home is not easy, but it is a joyous occasion to watch it grow. It takes a family to build a home, a concerted effort and commitment to one another. Together we are building home.
Have you been looking for that small company feel but not ready to give up your large company perks? Greenleaf Management could be your future home!