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Greenleaf Capital Partners
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Greenleaf was founded by Dave Codrea and Josh Friedensohn in 2008 and has grown to over $150M in assets and 75+ employees in the Atlanta metro area. Since 2008, we have executed through the foreclosure crisis, dealt with recapitalization projects, managed renovations and experienced the gradual return of the multi-family housing market. Our business is based on the core values of transparency and trust. We operate all our properties from an owner’s perspective enabling Greenleaf to provide consistent returns for our investment owners.


Greenleaf Capital Partners, LLC is a private real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring value-add, income-producing properties to provide investors with stable returns over targeted holding periods of five years or more. It is through our long-term holding strategy that we are able to acquire, renovate, and stabilize a property while positively impacting residents and making a lasting change in the surrounding communities. To ensure these returns, Greenleaf assumes all responsibility for construction, property operations, and investment management, through Greenleaf Management, LLC, a subsidiary owned by the managing members of Greenleaf.